What is Sastha sesame oil?

Sesame oil, popularly known as gingelly/til oil is one of the world's oldest crop based-oils extracted from sesame seeds. Interestingly, sesame seeds have the highest oil content among seeds. This explains the painstaking process in extracting this oil. The seed, which is used as a condiment in cooking, bursts only when fully ripe.

Sesame oil and its benefits

The catchphrase that allowed Ali Baba to open the mountain cave to the reveal the magic inside recognizes the power of the sesame seed. The popularity of the sesame oil is backed by references in the Charak Samhita, Sushrut Samhita and Vagbhata that acknowledges this oilseed for its healing and nutritive properties.


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We, at Thiagarajan Agro Products Ltd., are dedicated to the task of providing our customers with quality Sesame oil. Every sesame seed is carefully handpicked and sourced from the best farmlands across India. State-of-the-art German machinery and technology is used to clean and grade the sesame seed.

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