About Us

Thiagarajan Agro Products Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of sesame oil. The company was founded in 1977 with the motive of providing quality products to its customers and empowering the agricultural society of India. With a state-of-the-art German technology modern manufacturing plant in Madurai, Thiagarajan Agro Products Ltd. employs more than 50 individuals and their families, and produces 6000 litres of sesame oil under the brand name- SASTHA Sesame Oil, each day. The raw material is outsourced from direct farmers; helping them to achieve better financial independence and improved standard of living. SASTHA Sesame Oil has made its way to leading food business operators, hotels, caterers and brand owners, and is exported to leading organisations in Singapore, Malaysia, and Middle East. Used in cooking as well as in personal healthcare across numerous Indian households, SASTHA Sesame Oil is a well-loved and trusted brand in the country.

History of SASTHA Sesame Oil

In the year 1977, two young visionaries- Mr. S. Thiagarajan & Mr. M. Ramesh- understood the potential of Sesame and decided to venture into the business of producing and distributing sesame oil across the globe. Financial aid being a problem, they set up their business in a small 32 sq.ft. rented space in a rice mill compound. They named their brand 'Sastha' in praise of Lord Ayyappa and invested their childhood savings to start production. In the year 1980, getting a bank loan for Rs. 5000 was a huge challenge, but they ensured that they left no stone unturned in growing their business. Hard work and dedication fetched amazing results over the years; what began as a small partnership firm soon developed into a large scale business. Today, Thiagarajan Agro Products (P) Ltd. is a registered Private Company and has expanded its production unit from a 32 sq. ft. rented space to a mammoth 40,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art plant on a 10-acre land in Madurai.


quoteSesame oil (Nallennai) is an integral part of South Indian culture and cuisine. Sesame oil, being natural, is not just beneficial to health but is also a great taste enhancer. As promoters of this concern, our vision is to ensure that all our customers benefit with this wonder oil. We also aim to protect and promote the traditional way of extraction (chekku or ghani) of this oil."

- Mr. S. Thiagarajan and Mr. M. Ramesh


Mr. S. Thiagarajan and Mr. M. Ramesh commenced this business jointly in the year 1977, and have dedicated the past 38 years of their lives in working for this venture. They are passionate towards the production of top quality sesame oil and ensure that the best practices are put in place in order to deliver excellence in all processes, be it manufacturing, product packaging, logistics or customer service. They have a strong knowledge base that stems from the strength of experience and their expertise lies in all aspects of business- raw material sourcing, forecasting and finance management, human resource management, systems and operations management. They have been the guiding light of SASTHA Sesame Oil, and have been successful in nurturing the business and its stakeholders to a bright future.

Why SASTHA Sesame Oil?

We, at Thiagarajan Agro Products Ltd., are dedicated to the task of providing our customers with quality Sesame oil. Read on to know how it is done:

  • Every sesame seed is carefully handpicked and sourced from the best farmlands across India.
  • State-of-the-art German machinery and technology is used to clean and grade the sesame seed.
  • Traditional extraction process of cold press (CHEKKU) method is used for the extraction of oil.
  • Our sesame oil remains natural with no refining or chemical process involved, whatsoever.
  • We ensure that our sesame oil retains its aroma, taste and clarity, for a truly delightful consumer culinary experience.
  • When one purchases a bottle of SASTHA Sesame Oil, it not just results in complete customer satisfaction but also supports the Indian agricultural community.