Easy way to use Sesame Oil – Daily

Including good quality oils in your day-to-day life is about the most important thing you can do for your body. Think about it – in your body, essential fats make up anywhere between 3-12% of your body weight. Our moisturises, balms, soaps and many cosmetics have some kind of oil as a base, and almost all or food is cooked in oil. Fats are unavoidable and inseparable from our lives, and for good reason! Now, if you could make sure that all these fats come from great quality oils, you can live a better and healthier life!

One of the best oils you can (and should) include in your daily life and routine is sesame oil. It is extremely nutritious, has multiple uses – culinary, cosmetic and medicinal and is very easy to buy and store. Moreover, it is extremely simple to us. Here are some ways-

In diet:

  • Drizzle a little sesame oil on your food before eating. Use it on hot parathas, idlis or dosas instead of butter or ghee.
  • Use sesame oil for deep frying, or a mixture of sesame oil and your regular oil
  • Sesame oil is great for preserving home-made pickles
  • Try raw oil over salads. If you enjoy the taste of raw sesame oil, try consuming 1 tsp of it every night before going to bed
  • Use sesame oil for tempering rice dishes like curd rice, bisibelebath, etc

In cosmetics:

  • Mix a few drops of sesame oil with your moisturiser and apply before going to bed.
  • Use sesame oil for head massages
  • Remove eye-make up using sesame oil
  • For chapped hands or cracked heels, rub a little sesame oil instead of petroleum jelly before sleeping. Cover with socks or gloves.
  • Incorporate sesame oil while giving yourself a home-facial
  • Apply on arms and legs as a sunscreen before going out

In home remedies:

  • Gargle with sesame oil in case of cold, cough or sore throat
  • Massage aching joints with sesame oil
  • Rinse the mouth with sesame oil instead of mouthwash

In these and many other ways, incorporating sesame oil in your daily life is super easy and takes little to no effort. You’ll be surprised how well it works in place of other oils and synthetic products – giving you the same benefits, without any adverse effects!