The key to better health and wellbeing

Sesame has come to be known as a super food, along the lines of green tea, garlic and turmeric. Its many properties have been tested for centuries by many cultures. Apart from its uses in the kitchen and on the hair and skin, sesame oil has proven to be a product that takes care of your health inside-out.

The primary health benefits of sesame oil are not attributed to the major omega-6 fatty acids (linoleic acid), but to sesamolin, sesaminol and sesamin. This holds the key to the powerful medicinal effects in the seed and oil. Sold as a nutritional supplement with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, sesamin is the most prominent lignan (special beneficial chemical compounds) present in the oil which can be expensive to buy.

Ingesting the oil has found that sesamin boosts and preserves the level of Vitamin E in the body. Sesamin has been found to protect the liver for oxidative damage and accelerates the decomposition of alcohol in the body preventing bad hangovers.Sesamolin and sesamin are known to reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Sesaminol’s strong oxidative properties keep the oil fresher for longer. In many studies it has shown to reduce aging and prevent ailments like heart diseases, stroke and diabetes.

Copper present (predominantly insesame seeds)is also an anti-inflammatory substance that can help with conditions like gout and arthiritis. Making the oil a part of your diet can reduce the swelling in your joints and can strengthen bones and blood vessels, keeping you healthy.Including sesame oil in a diet rich in vegetables could reduce the risk for breast cancer by increasing the bioavailability of carotenoids and through the chemo preventive actions of sesame lignans.

Magnesium that is present in the cold pressed oil lowers the occurrence of migraine attacks and also helps restore sleep among menopausal women. The calcium content protects the colon from chemicals that cause cancer and also reduce PMS symptoms among women. The zinc present in the oil contributes to better bone density and prevents osteoporosis among older people. It also helps produce collagen for the skin, keeping you looking young and beautiful.

Its laxative properties also provide quick relief from constipation, aiding in all-round detoxification. More reasons to start adding sesame oil to your diet from today!

Note of caution: if you are taking anti-coagulants or blood thinners, speak with your doctor before using sesame oil in your diet. Otherwise, go ahead and use the oil in a variety of dishes!