Sesame Oil and Motherhood

Gestational Period Care

Sesame oil is said to be good for motherhood in many ways when taken in correct quantities — Ayurvedic practitioners recommend about 1 teaspoon of sesame oil daily in curries and tadka for pregnant women. Packed with folic acid which aids in proper DNA synthesis, pregnant women can add this oil to their diet to aid in the healthy growth of the foetus. It is also known to improve the general health of the expectant mother.

In many parts of India, sesame seed consumption is avoided during the first trimester as it supposedly results in miscarriages because of its heat-producing properties.But the hormone balancing properties of the oil can be helpful to stop premature bleeding in pregnant women. Constipation is also a common problem among pregnant women. Sesame oil helps fight constipation and aids in better digestion. Loaded with nutrients like niacin which is known to reduce anxiety, the oil is helpful for pregnant women to stay calm.

In addition to the benefits of consuming sesame oil during pregnancy, it is also highly recommended for external application with beneficial results. Sesame oil penetrates deep into the skin, which is something ordinary moisturizers fail to do. Pregnant women can use sesame oil to gently massage the areas that are most prone to stretch marks during pregnancy.

Post-Pregnancy Care

The postpartum period is essential for rest and rejuvenation since new mothers are as delicate as the newborns. Apart from proper nutrition, daily massages are very important. Sesame oil is most preferred for a deep warming massage. It deeply nourishes all the body tissues. Just like foods that induce Vata are avoided in this period, sesame oil soothes the vata that manifests post-delivery. The oil is used in belly wraps that are meant to return your organs to their pre-pregnancy location. Warm oil massages with sesame oil also help babies stay healthy and colic-free. Sesame oil is considered a good allyfor a healthy baby and mother.