Open Sesame

The catchphrase that allowed Ali Baba to open the mountain cave to the reveal the magic inside recognizes the power of the sesame seed. The popularity of the sesame oil is backed by references in the Charak Samhita, Sushrut Samhita and Vagbhata that acknowledges this oilseed for its healing and nutritive properties. 5,000 years since its discovery, the oil is hailed by scientists, nutritionists and homemakers around the world.

Benefits of Sesame Oil

  • Flavour Enhancer: Be it Indian cooking or Mediterranean, East Asian cooking or salads, sesame oil enhances the flavour of food. Sesame oil is also popularly used in making pickles
  • Antibacterial, Antioxidant, Antiviral and Anti-Inflammatory Properties:  Sesame oil is the perfect addition to any family’s overall well-being
  • Remedy for Vatadosha: Due to its viscous nature, it cures vatadosha and inflammation
  • Cell Growth Regulator:   Regular use of sesame oil helps regulate the growth of cells in the body, protects the liver from oxidative damage and maintains good cholesterol in the body
  • Heart-Healthy: The oil contains an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound called sesamol that helps prevent atherosclerotic lesions
  • Your Skin’s Best Friend:  Sesame is good for the skin both topically and internally. The zinc in the oil produces collagen which is important to maintain your skin’s
  • Anti-Cancerous Properties: Its anti-cancer compounds like phytate, magnesium and phytosterols which reduces the risk of colectoral cancer
  • Boost Bone Density:  Zinc is essential for bone health and the calcium from the sesame seeds is vital to prevent osteoporosis. The copper content also reduces pain and swelling for those with arthritis
  • Fight Diabetes: The nutrient content of sesame oil combats diabetes Oral Hygiene: Oil pulling with sesame oil reduces toothache by combating the plaque and boosts oral health
  • Oral Hygiene:  Oil pulling with sesame oil reduces toothache by combating the plaque and boosts oral health
  • Reduces Blood Pressure: Loaded with magnesium, sesame oil lowers blood pressure, especially in diabetic patients
  • Breathe Easy:   The magnesium also helps prevent respiratory diseases like asthma
  • Relief from Radiation Damage: DNA tends to undergo damage with radiation damage. Sesamol helps extend life by protecting your vital organs
  • Overall Detoxification and Stress Relief:  The nutrients can relax muscles and has a calming effect. This rancid-resistant oil fights, prevents and resists illnesses
  • Also for Anaemics: Treat aneamia with a healthy helping of sesame oil and seeds
  • Fight Postpartum Blues:  Sesame oil is highly valued in Ayurveda to make postpartum belly wraps for its medicinal value and warming quality. Whole body massages also favour sesame oil
  • No Cholestrol, No Transfat and 100% Natural: Sesame oil made by TAPL is good for you in every way and is recommended for everyday use

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